TY's Product Review: Blaze Fitbit

TY's Product Review: Blaze Fitbit

This past Christmas I was blessed enough to receive the Blaze Fitbit- upgrading from the Fitbit Flex. And what can I say- I LOVE IT! Their is really no comparison between the Flex and the Blaze. However if I had to make a comparison it's like going from the original Nokia phone (that you could play snake on) to the Google Pixle phone. Over all they do the same thing, make calls, send text messages. However the later does sooooooo much more! Here's a breakdown of the Blaze and it's features I love.


  • Heart rate monitor
  • Sleep monitor
  • Pedometer- steps, distance, flights
  • Calories burned
  • Exercise tracker
  • Timer
  • Alarm
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Smartphone notifications

The Fitbit app is downloadable on any smartphone. On the app you can see all of the same things on your watch as well as more. You are able to set goals, input your food/calorie intake, and keep track of your water consumption. Another feature is being able to connect with friends. Through this you are able to encourage/compete with each other. Also you are more likely to be active if you have friends to do it with (27% more active- according to Fitbit). The new app also has a component called Fitstar where they have short little exercise videos for you. You can customize your suggested videos by personal trainer online as well!

The Blaze has many features as you can see from the list above. One feature I love is the connectivity to your phone. You are able to connect your Blaze to notifications on your phone if you choose. Your Blaze will vibrate if someone is calling you, or notifies you when you have a text message, mail notification, or even fb messenger notification. This is one of the few downsides in my personal opinion. The Blaze only allows you to choose one of the three. 

Favorite Feature

Can you say Sleep Monitor!?! Personally, I have a hard time sleeping. Often tossing and turning and waking up in the middle of the night. I usually wake up tired and wonder what in the world?!?! The monitor allows me to see when in the night I was restless, or up and how much time I was actually asleep. You can also set sleep goals! So I can the beauty sleep I desperately need.

Another favorite feature of mine is the running tracker. As most of you know the majority of my exercise comes from running. Not to mention I'm training for a half-marathon (that's coming up very soon- eek!) and a marathon. The running tracker will connect to the GPS in you phone and map out your run if you are running outside and it pairs with running apps you may already have!


Overall as a fitness tracker, watch, accessory all in one- I personally think it is the best. Obviously super bias as I do not own a different brand. Compared to other popular 'smart watches' (one of the fruit kind) I still prefer the Blaze. Why? You may ask. Because the Blaze doesn't pretend to be what it's not. It is a fitness tracker and that is it's essential duty. Notice the only thing I don't like about the Blaze is the notification abilities- not what it's made for, nor do they really advertise it as that. 

The Blaze reminds me to move, to be active, to live a healthier happier life. What more could a girl ask for!




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