DIY Halloween Ghost Costume

DIY Halloween Ghost Costume

It's that time of year again, Halloween! Now don't get me wrong, Halloween isn't my favorite holiday. Besides the candy, and the annual making of my nephews' costume; I could skip right to Thanksgiving. As KK mentioned, I'm a weenie when it comes to scary movies. Or scary anything, I blame my creativity and imagination. I'll be over here with my eye's closed eating candy & making costumes. 

Every year since my nephew was born I have made his Halloween costume. Well except for his very first Halloween- he was 3 months old give me a break. He has been a garden nome, E-walk, and this year a ghost! He decided he wanted to be a ghost so aunty had to come up with a ghost costume worthy of a 4-year old. Coming up with a compatible costumer for a crazy 4-year old boy can be difficult.


The OG of homemaking, Martha Stewart had this great tutorial for an adult, I just needed to shrink it down. I love this option for a ghost costume from the normal bed sheet with a hole. This is more like a cape, and what 4-year old boy doesn't like a cape? I decided to add some fairy lights to this costume to jazz it up even more. Let me tell you, my nephew thought it was the coolest thing EVER! *Points for this cool aunty. It also lets his parents keep an eye on him in the dark while getting his goodies. 

TIP: Fairy lights can be found for $3 bucks in the "dollar isle" in one of my favorite stores; TARGET. 

Materials needed:

  • Scissors
  • Tulle (I used a combination on white & light gray. OPTIONAL; cheese cloth)
  • Yarn or threading needle
  • Ribbon or elastic (something to tie your cape)
  • Fairy lights (optional)

This costume really just entails measuring and cutting. The rest is a piece of...candy. ;)

  1. Measure wearer's height, double that number and add 7".
  2. Use the last calculated number to measure and cut your tulle layers. The more layers you make the fuller your cape will be. I used 8 layers & one layer of cheese cloth on the top.
  3. Measure from shoulder to shoulder over the top of wearers head add 3" and divide measurement by 2. 
  4. Find the center of your tulle on one of the length sides. From the edge of the tulle at the marked center point, mark a semi-circle using your last measurement as the radius. This will be your hood.
  5. With you ribbon (or elastic) and your needle weave through all layers of your tulle along your marked semi circle. Remember to leave ribbon at both ends for ties.
  6. If you are adding in fairy lights, start by securing the battery pack to the ties of your cape. I did this in between layers to hide the lights and wires. 
  7. Now simply make loops with your lights to the length you desire and lightly tack them down on your cape ties. 


  • Use different shades of tulle to add dimension.
  • Use different colored fairy lights.
  • Paint fairy light battery packs white to better disguise.
  • Use at least 6 layers of tulle, the more the merrier in this situation.
  • For your cape ties; use an easy securing method. I will be adding velcro for my nephew, so he can easily secure his cape. 

My nephew loves Halloween, because just like his aunty he is a sugar monster. He has already chosen what the rest of his family members are gonna be, including his baby sister. I'm going to cherish these Halloween outfits for as long as I can, while I can. I look forward to what I have to come up with next year!


Trick or Treat, tell us what you'll be!

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