DIY: Fall Floral Arrangement

DIY: Fall Floral Arrangement

It's Fall! Which means everything PUMPKIN (PSL here we come)! This is a super quick and easy DIY, that will make your table scape, kitchen counter, or front porch the focal point of the neighborhood. 

Living that budget life  - HOLLA! I try to keep my DIY's cost effective, yet luxurious. For this DIY you'll probably have half of the materials needed laying around. Best part is once you purchase the other materials you can save it for next year! 

Materials Needed

  • Plastic Pumpkin (found at any craft store)
  • Flowers
  • Newspaper
  • Mason Jar / Vase (shorter than hight of pumpkin)
  • Floral Cutters 

Step 1: Cut the pumpkin

Cut a 4"- 6" circle out of the top of your pumpkin. Just like you would if you were carving a real pumpkin.

Step 2: Fill pumpkin

Crumple up your newspaper and fill around the center. This will hold your jar in place in the middle of your pumpkin. Fill with an inch of water. 


Step 3: Measure & cut flowers

Depending on your floral arrangement and what look you are trying to achieve you will need to cut your flowers appropriately. One of KK's secret obsessions- floral arranging, you can see it in action here! She did her those beautiful bouquets!  KK's taken this floral arrangement class by Brit+Co and loved it. I decided to go for a short and full look. I start with one flower and measured where I would like the tallest point to be. I then gather all the other flowers and worked around the center flower in a circle. 

Step 4: Arrange flowers

Once you have your flowers in a bunch and to the appropriate height put your flowers in the vase/pumpkin. 

I came up with this idea last fall (that's why my pumpkin already has a hole in it). Sorry no pictures of step 1. I made an arrangement for my sister's house and one for my house. I got her an elegant white pumpkin, which would have worked great with my flower choice. And in true TY fashion the glitter pumpkin was mine! 

Add different size pumpkins to your fall table scape for height variety. Add in some mini pumpkins for versatility. I feel a fall table scape photoshoot coming. Stay tuned!

  • Find coupons for your local craft store. We are in the midst of everything fall on sale, paired with coupons- EVEN BETTER!
  •  Buy flowers at a discount. I love fresh flowers but often find them a little pricey. Just like clothes, flowers go on sale. I got all my flowers half off! Just a little trimming needed.
  • Re-use your materials! The thing I love about these plastic pumpkins, I can save them! 

Try out this arrangement with your favorite flowers and share it with us!

Happy fall y'all

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