Book corner- The $100 Startup

Book corner- The $100 Startup

By: Chris Guillebeau

"Fire your boss, do what you love and work better to live more"

By no means am I a professional book reviewer. I don't even consider myself a book worm, I actually think I'm the complete opposite. I have to really, really (not kidding, really) like a book to buy it, let alone read and finish it. I'm going to preface this with, I have not finished The $100 Startup, YET.  *I'm going to because it's THAT good (so far) and you folks will need an update- I can't leave you hanging.

Why did I originally buy this book?

I bought The $100 Startup at the origins of the great WORKKPARTY brain storming, from the advise of some friends. When I also think about it, the theme of The $100 Startup falls directly inline with WORKKPARTY's motto- You are more than your 9-5. Find what you love, and DO IT! If you are an aspiring entrepreneur the subtitle alone captivates you. If that doesn't get you, the synopsis with comments from a New York Times bestselling author will do the job. 

“ ordinary people can build solid livings, with independence and purpose, on their own terms.”
— Gretchen Rubin NYT Bestselling author

The book is based on hundreds of interviews done by Chris himself with entrepreneurs. He interviews these entrepreneurs, gathers information on how they became successful, and packed all the information into 247 pages. I also think it's rather cool he's located in the PNW (Pacific Northwest- for you non-PNW'ers).    


Chris splits up the book into three parts. Part 1: Unexpected Entrepreneurs, Part 2: Taking it to the Streets, and Part 3: Leverage and Next Steps. I am currently towards the end of Part 1, the book instantly dives into the the individual stories of the entrepreneurs. Chris begins with what they were doing, why they got out of it and how they started their venture. Everything from selling coffee beans online, to a mattress store. 

Chris also talks about his own ventures from his very first one to it's predecessors. He examines what he did the first time around that didn't produce the results he wanted. Chris then evaluates the differences in the second and third try and shares his pitfalls and success with his readers. I look forward to Part 2 and Part 3 where hopefully it goes into more detail on the process of being s successful entrepreneur.

Stay tuned for my thoughts once I finish it!



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