DIY - Deviled Egg Stand

DIY - Deviled Egg Stand

Deviled eggs. I love them, who doesn't? Which makes them the perfect PARTY appetizer. There's only a couple of problems with them. You eat too much (sometimes a bummer), and how the heck do you display them?

Below I will share with you my regular deviled egg recipe. Along with a turnt' up version- smoked bacon deviled eggs! Can someone say YUM!

DIY- Deviled Egg Stand

A quite simple & inexpensive DIY just in time for Deviled egg season.

What you need, a deviled egg platter. Now you can go super fancy with this or inexpensive (like I did). My inexpensive platter also came with a cover (#winning). I got my platters at Target in the Easter section; usually located in the back. They also had a very pretty white ceramic platter outlined in gold, but this was a little out of budget. My platters were $5.00 each! The very pretty other platter, that I will dream about was triple the cost.

Next you will need some sort of stand. I used a candle stick holdera, yes you read that right. Best part is you can get them at the Dollar Store! Two candle stick holders for the low low price of two bucks!

Next you will need a glue gun, a couple of glue sticks, and a marker.

First step mark the center of your platter. Next you need to decide which way you would like your stand to be. I have the base as the wide end of the candle stick holder. Second you hot glue the end of the candle stick and center it to the bottom of your platter and, Viola! Deviled egg stand! Try to apply the hot glue as evenly as possible to eliminate unevenness. This is tricky as you have to work fast with hot glue.

I decided to keep my platters separate (because of the awesome covers that it came with). But you could stack them as well. In the end each platter cost around $6.00! Not to shabby

Now it's time for the yummy goodness to go into the beautiful stands we made.

Smoked Bacon Deviled Eggs


Eggs ( I used 9)

1 pkg Bacon

1/3 cup Mayonnaise

2 tbsp Dijon Mustard

2 tbsp Miracle whip

3/4 tsp Liquid Smoke

Start with prepping your bacon. I separated my bacon strips into a bowl. Then add your liquid smoke and mix into bacon ( I could've used more). Add the liquid smoke to your taste buds, if you want the smoke flavor more prominent add 1/2 tsp more. The liquid smoke is a little tan in color and will change the color of your bacon a little. Spread your bacon out on a pan. Cook for 30 minuets or until crisp at 375 degrees.

While your bacon is cooking, cook your eggs. Put the eggs in a pot fill with water covering tops of eggs. Turn on heat to medium high. Once the pot comes to a rapid boil set time for 7 minuets. At the end of turn off heat and let eggs sit for another 5 minuets.

It's time to assemble these tasty treats! Peel eggs and cut them into halves. Separate the yolks into a bowl- they should pop out fairly easily.

Once all yolks are in a bowl add mayonnaise, mustard and miracle whip. I know what you're thinking- Miracle Whip? - EWWW. Yet this little ingredient makes your egg filling a tad bit creamier with hint of tang. (This is my secret ingredient; that I'm sharing with you special people). Now mix up all ingredients- I use a fork to smash and air-rate the yolks. Add salt and pepper to taste. Chop up 6-7 pieces of bacon and add into yolk mixture, reserving some for the tops of your eggs.

Put your filling into a plastic baggy to act as a piping bag. Cut off the tip of one end and pipe filling into your eggs halves. Garnish your eggs with a little paprika for color and your remaining bacon. These creamy eggy goodness is ready to share in your new stands!

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