DIY - Air Balloon Center Pieces

DIY - Air Balloon Center Pieces

It's Birthday Month (as you may already know)! Here at WORKKPARTY we like to well, PARTY. What's a better reason than a birthday? And who say's you only can celebrate for a day? The exact reason why we have established birthday month!

I am supposed to be planning my nieces 1st birthday party and have decided on an Air Balloon theme. Every good tablescape needs a good center piece. Since I have decided on an Air Balloon theme, why not make mini Air Balloons!

Below is a short video showing the supplies you will need. 

First cut a foot of string, and fold in-half forming a loop at one end, this will be your main string. Next measure your balloon from the top center to the bottom. Multiply that length by 4, this will be your string to create your knots. You now have one long piece of string 4x the length of your balloon. Cut 5 more strings of this length making a total of 6 pieces- I will refer to these as legs.

Once you have all your leg pieces, fold them in half. Using the folded side (loop) thread under your main string, pull loop over and pull the tail string through. Do this for the remaining 5 legs.

Take the tail end of your main string and thread through it's own loop. This will create a circle of your six strings (2 strings in 6 groups) and will serve as the center of your balloon net.

Tie a simple knot on each leg about 1-1/2" from the center. Each leg has 2 strings. Take one string from one leg, and one string the the neighboring leg and tie a simple knot. Tie knot about 1-1/2" away from original knot. Continue this pattern all the way around. The next set of knots I did about 4" below the second knot. This creates the nice kite shape towards the bottom.

Creating the balloon net can be either done on the balloon or off.

If done on the balloon, I recommend taping the center to hold its place. In the long run it would be easier while assembling to have the center taped down. This ensures the 'net' stays centered.

I wanted the balloons to float on their own. Latex balloons, filled half-way DO NOT float on their own. As I sadly discovered. Improvising I used one of the stems of the baby's breath. You could use a different gas that would be able to support the latex balloon. Ask your local party store if they have different gases and see which one works for you.

Cut your floral foam to fit inside of your basket. I got my cute baskets in the unavoidable dollar section at one of my favorite stores....TARGET. Yes they were a DOLLAR! Dollar hollar!! - did I mention that these are very inexpensive center pieces to make? I'll show you the cost break down at the bottom. After you have cut your floral foam to fit, stick your balloon in the middle of it. With your net on your balloon begin to tie the legs to your basket. If your basket does not have anywhere to tie them, you can tie knots and hot glue them to the rim or inside to be hidden.

Once you have all your legs secured decorate the inside with whatever flowers you chose. As seen I used baby's breath since they are light and airy. But of course you could use any type of flowers or even something else, like lollipops!

Cost Breakdown - one center piece

  • Baskets - $1.00
  • Balloon (1 ct. filled) - $1.39
  • Floral foam from the dollar store (1 block could fill 4 of my baskets) - $0.25
  • Bunch of Baby's breath ($5 for the bunch) - $1.50
  • String (estimate cost) - $0.50

Total cost for one = $4.64 !!!

So excited with how cute these turned out! I can't wait to use them for the actual party! Pictures and post to come, stay tuned.

With love,


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