Choosing a CAREER versus a JOB

Choosing a CAREER versus a JOB


Like new years resolutions, I often reflect on the changes I have made in my life around my birthday. Changes can be good, bad or indifferent.

This time last year, Karen and I were still in brainstorming mode of WORKKPARTY. I had moved into a new place, quit my job of 3 years, and moved companies. I moved from one company to my current company with the same general job description. Some may ask why? This brings me to the topic of this post: a job versus a career.

What's the difference between a job and a career?

Do a simple Google search and the same 'definitions' will appear. A job is a regular position or task done for compensation. A career seems to have two similar definitions. The first definition is a series of jobs or experiences over a lifetime. The second is a specialized position or field of study.

So what exactly is the definition of both? Why does it matter? Should it matter? I have learned it is only you who can decide if the difference between career and job matters. I've made a fun little info-graphic with the main differences: the length of time, the multitude of them, and the reason behind them. 

For many young people that have graduated within this decade, it's been a struggle. For me, I am very critical of my life choices, and the expectations I have set for myself. These past couple of years have been a struggle to say the least. For people like myself who go into a broader career fields rather than specialized fields, it is very difficult to navigate what exactly you are going to do. You have a job because you need to eat and have a roof over your head because of the necessity factor. A Bachelor's Degree is often no longer good enough. This leaves you in limbo between jobs that might not have anything to do with your education or seemingly leading nowhere.

No matter what you should always do your personal best at it.

Aha! This is where I'm going to stop you if you are reading this and feel that way. I've always been a believer in "everything happens for a reason" theology. While researching for this post, I came across J.D Roth from Get Rich Slowly. He pointed out something that goes inline with this theory: no matter what you should always do your personal best at it. Every job you have, may not be a career. Every job you have can lead to your career. The key is to choose jobs that allow your skills to grow and gain experiences to enhance your career later. Another key is to make connections. The network of people from your various jobs could one day help you land your dream job because let's be honest its all about who you know.

WORKKPARTY wouldn't even exist if Karen and I didn't take that random job at a bridal store. What was seemingly a step back to me at the time introduced me to this wonderful girl. Now, I not only call her my friend but I am also lucky enough to call her my creative partner as well. It has allowed me to have an outlet outside of my day job that I get to share with you! 

So at the end of the day it doesn't matter if you are in a"job" or a "career" as long as you are doing your best and using it as building block for your aspirations does it really matter what the difference is?

Something to ponder as another year in life is started for me.

With love,


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