5 Last Minute Gift Ideas That Aren't Lame

5 Last Minute Gift Ideas That Aren't Lame

Hey Party People! KK Here and I was not kidding when I said that May is birthday month. Not only am I celebrating TY’s birthday (check out the adorable Birthday Cake Mimosas and Air Balloon Baskets we made) but I have 4 other birthdays to celebrate this month, plus a few early June birthdays to calculate for!
And I am so embarrassed to say that some of them caught me by surprise. Haven’t we all been there?
Don’t get me wrong! I will always take a gift card but if you are looking for something a bit more personal, I have a few suggestions. If this post reminded you of the birthdays (or other special celebrations, ie: bridal showers, baby showers, etc.), let me help you before you make a mad dash to your car for a confusing and frustrating trip to the store. Here are some good last minute gift ideas (or even on time gift ideas) to consider before you spend an hour staring at the store shelves trying to remember favorite colors or clothing sizes. Some of these options are even instant and can be sent to them via email, just in case you are down to the wire.

1 | An Experience
This could be tricky depending on how you decide to personalize this. But the payoff is huge. There is no better way to make long lasting memories than from a gift you can experience.   I recommend a trip or trying something together that you both might enjoy. This may include but not be limited to:

  • Brewery or Winery Tour: FYI this wasn’t a last minute idea but for TY’s birthday, we are staying in a vintage trailer and doing wine tours.  A weekend getaway, WORKKPARTY style and we will be posting to the blog shortly afterwards.
  • Mixology or Cooking Class
  • Rock Climbing or other physical activity that requires learning proper technique.
  • Hike they have been dying to try. Bonus points if you pack a luxe picnic basket to enjoy at the end of the trek.
  • Airbnb has an “Experiences” section for when you travel to a different city while staying at one of their places. Why not look at your own city and see what things you can do?
  • Here in Portland, you can learn about indigo dyeing and pet some goats.
  • Try Groupon for ideas. The first Groupon I tried was for Portland’s Annual Tomato Battle. Two words: SO EPIC. (See Above photo!)

2 | An E-Course
E-courses are similar to experiences but it’s self paced and convenient if you don’t live in the same place.  I recommend:

 Photo Cred:  Winc Wine Club

Photo Cred: Winc Wine Club

3 | A Premium Subscription
OOOH, I love receiving physical packages and I am a sucker for a premium subscription. Here are a few I recommend.

  • For the Minimalist - Quip! - I love this electric toothbrush. Because it’s small, lightweight, beautiful, and does not feel like you have an adult toy in your mouth. Not that I know what that feels like...the best part is that you can have them send you a new toothbrush head, battery, and toothpaste to you every 3 months.  Click this link here if you are interested in giving it a try and want a $5 coupon from yours truly. You can also use this offer code: karen80476106802. THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. I genuinely enjoy this product and want you to enjoy it also.
  • For the Foodie - Meal Kit Delivery Service - My favorite is Blue Apron but I also recommend Hello Fresh or Green Chef. If you really like your friend and can spare the extra cash, go with Terra’s Kitchen. They focus on low waste and have a large variety of dietary options (Mediterranean, Gluten-Free Diet, Paleo Diet, Vegetarian Diet, Low-Calorie Diet
  • For Anyone (over 21 of course) - Winc Wine Club: You can either send a gift box (vary between multiple bottles of wine, wine paired with sweets, wine and accessories) or a gift card to get a subscription started!
 Photo Cred:  Design Love Fest

Photo Cred: Design Love Fest

4 | Flowers with a Twist!

  • Flower Bomb their car/office desk/front door. I have yet to do this but I think it would a be an inspired way to give flowers. What is it? You take a bunch of flowers (real or faux) and place or attach them to the surface of the giftee and watch them be both impressed and perplexed. I also recommend a good balloon bomb!
  • Flower's for Dreams - If you or more importantly your giftee, are local to Chicago area, try Flowers for Dreams. Through them, every purchase of flowers benefits an amazing local charity. Each month, they feature one worthy cause and contribute 1/4 of all our profits to it. This month it’s the Chicago Women’s Health Center.
  • Try gifting a PLANT instead! For your hostess or interior design obsessed friend, purchase a plant. Here is a list of hard to kill plants if you think it’s too much pressure to give someone a living thing.
  • Go classic with Farmgirl Flowers. Their flowers are ethically sourced and they deliver to all the lower 48 states. This is only best at the last minute (like day of!) if you are in the SF Bay Area but if you remember the week before, it is a great option.
 Photo Cred:  Artifact Uprising

Photo Cred: Artifact Uprising

5 | Custom Artwork or DIY craft

  • Comb through all those digital files you haven’t touched and find some good ones to send to either Mixbook or Artifact Uprising.
  • Already have a piece of art or a photo print and want it framed? Try Framebridge.
  • Try making something. I learned how to embroider from a friend and followed it up with this e-course. I made a custom handkerchief for my significant other. There is nothing more special than a handmade gift.
  • Bake something. Watch all of Cupcake Jemma’s videos and learn how to decorate/bake the perfect gift.

If none of these sound like a good idea, just ask the giftee. Here’s my script!

Hey it’s your [insert celebration] soon! Is there anything on your wishlist?

I also recommend asking the giftee’s significant other or close friend to see if they can get the intel for your just in case the person says “Oh no you don’t have to get me anything!”
It’s not about have to, it’s about want to!

Do you have any last minute (first minute---haha) gift ideas? I’d love to see them in the comments.

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