2017 Bucket List Half Year Check In

2017 Bucket List Half Year Check In

Boy, have the days flown by! The year is already over halfway complete (sorry to remind you). TY and I want to check in and review the goals we set forth in this post about New Year’s Resolutions. Before we both get into our updates, I just want to say on behalf of both of us how proud we are of our accomplishments so far, both in our blog, and the experiences we’ve had this year. That being said, we want to continue moving forward and keep our eyes on the prize by re-examining what we set out to do this year. Onward!

KK’s List

  1. Start a podcast - In progress!

    Still in progress! I’ve been toying with different content, so we’ll see if I am able to edit our first episode this Friday. Fingers crossed!

  2. Travel more, specifically out of the country: We have a few trips scheduled this year: a weekend in Seattle, a work trip to DC, our yearly pilgrimage to Chicago, celebrating my birthday in LA/San Francisco, and a trip to NORWAY (with a detour to Iceland)! Don’t worry, I’ll bring you along on via the blog as well as on Instagram. ;-)

    Definitely traveling more, but likely will not be going out of the country this year. :-(

  3. Buy a house:  Jared and I are very close to being ready to buy our first home together and I can’t wait to share that experience with you.

    We did, and are in fixer upper mode right now! I’ll have updates on the blog soon.

  4. Fit into my wedding dress: Again, there will be another post on that and I’ll keep you updated!

    I haven’t been back to try on my dress yet, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it still does not fit. :-/

TY’s List

  1. This year my goal is to run a half-marathon in under 2:15 and a marathon in under 4:30

    I missed my run due to technical difficulties during the signup process, but I am still keeping up with running! Perhaps I don’t need to pay (sometimes absurd amounts of money) to meet my goal? I might end up running a half-marathon & marathon on my own.

  2. My second goal for 2017 is to be on track financially to buy (or build) my own house within the next two years.

    I haven’t quite yet started to chip away at this goal. I have been saving where I can. Life happens though, and sometimes the “saving money” portions goes to more immediate needs (like new tires). I believe the tortoise will still win this race!

What were your resolutions? What progress have you made so far? Have you accomplished your 2017 goals? Please let us know in the comments! We’d love to be your accountability partners.

With Love,

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