How to Avoid Summer Burnout

How to Avoid Summer Burnout

Hey my party people and worker bees! KK here to inform you that we’ve been working real hard here at WPHQ. Between the blog and our personal lives, TY and I have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off (in a good way?)! Terrible visual aside, we think if our summers are ramping up to MAXIMUM BUSY OVERDRIVE, your summer is likely doing the same.

It’s so tempting to say “Yes” to every party, dinner, wedding, or adventure when summer hits, because HELLO,. it’s Summer and we want to have fun right?!? But if you aren’t intentional about how you want to spend your Summer, you are going to be on the path to Summer Burnout.
Here are my tips for keeping it together during this season of your life:

Take a moment.

Usually I realize I feel like crap in the middle of doing the thing that makes me feel like crap. Simple enough? The solution can be just as simple: STEP AWAY! Take a minute (or five) to breathe and do something you enjoy. When I start to feel anxious and overwhelmed in my office, I like to step outside to water my herbs and pet my dogs.

Ask yourself “Why?” five times.

If you couldn’t tell already, I am a high strung, Type A gal, but even I can lose sight of my end game. Because I am not always clear on my feelings or my to do list, I take a few seconds to rapid fire questions at myself repeatedly asking, “Why?” In this particular instance, I ask: “Why am I feeling burnt out right now?”

There have been a lot of things to do with no breaks in between them.

Because I haven’t prioritized what to do when.

Because I can’t say no when new events arise.

Because I feel obligated to go, do, or help.

Because I don’t want to let people down.

Remember, your 60% might be someone else 100%, so don’t feel obligated to do it all. You’re human, after all.

Summer Burnout WORKKPARTY

Now, write it down…

Get all your plans, ideas, and to-dos on to paper. Why? Because your brain does a lot for you and you can return the favor by helping it keep track of things.

  • If you are feeling too busy, bust out your calendar and put all your events in one place. Then you have a big picture view and you can quickly reference what is to be done when.

  • Need to make it through just today? Make a good old fashion checklist but with a twist: divide your errands (i.e. go to store, pick up prescription, get haircut) from your to dos (send email to Bob, call Mom, finish Chapter 3). This way if you have to go pick up a prescription but need to wait in line, you can use that opportunity to call your mom. Then when your turn is up you can use that opportunity to stop talking to your mom when she starts to get on your back.  Sorry Mom. The pharmacist is ready I have to let you go! Talk soon, love you!  ;-)

  • Having all the feels? Just brain dump it all into a journal. Getting it all on paper is not only a physical strategy, it’s a symbolic one. I get so worked up about things that sometimes I just have to tell someone. But there isn’t always someone around. Journaling is a great way to get it all out there.

...then cut the fat.

Now that you’ve gotten it all down on paper, you can get rid of what is unnecessary. BE RUTHLESS about what you say no to. Start saying no to things you dread going to, and push up what is important. For me, I have a few social engagements that I don’t want to attend for a whole host of reasons, so instead of spreading myself thin, I politely decline and send my regards to meet at another opportunity.

Try something different.

Burnouts can often be ruts in disguise. Break the routine and try something different. For example, I get tired of sitting in my office chair, so I’ll move to the backyard table for some fresh air and Vitamin D. It also forces me to be lean and focus. I don’t have all my normal tech accessories that I do in my office, so I am limited to just my laptop, helping me home in on what’s in front of me.

Change your mindset.

Moreover, you might need to shift your perspective. I am in love with the Happier Podcast. One of the hosts, Elizabeth, is constantly reminding herself, “Don’t treat a gift like a burden,” meaning as much as some opportunities take unforeseen effort or inconvenience, it doesn’t inherently make it bad. Repeatedly telling yourself something is awful can damage an otherwise good experience.  

For example, you have a busy social life right now and it seems exhausting to the point you haven’t had any alone time? Remind yourself that people want you around, and that’s incredibly special. You have a lot on your to do list? Good for you! You have your sight’s set to #GOALS. You are extremely capable of getting the job done.

It’s tough pushing through the stress, but know that we are cheering you on from WORKKPARTY.
How will you practice self care this summer?
If you have any tips, we’d love to see them down in the comments!


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