SURPRISE! KK's Madras Eclipse Engagement

SURPRISE! KK's Madras Eclipse Engagement

I hate surprises. Mostly because I am difficult to surprise. It is a pastime of my ENTJ brain to guess what’s going to happen next. But I DID NOT see Jared’s proposal coming! Don’t worry, I was very happy about this, despite my dislike of surprises. Without further ado, here is the scoop, along with some of the amazing photos taken DURING TOTALITY. Get ready to swoon!

You may have seen our post on the delicious Cubanos we made during the 2017 Eclipse in Madras. Jared popped the question on that very same trip.

The Unsuspecting Girlfriend

He planned the proposal with our amazing photographer friend, Cat Zoerb. She asked me if I wanted to model during the Eclipse, and I agreed since we’d be  in Madras anyways. It also sounded like a rad way to commemorate the event.

I had brought a few dresses and Cat put a Juniper Berry crown in my hair to jazz up my look. I don’t particularly care for the smell of Juniper, but it reminds me of Eastern Oregon, so I donned the berries like a QUEEN.

At the same time, Jared had gotten dressed up, and I was wondering why, but I shrugged it off when he said, “I’m going to be in the pictures too, right?”

“Sure. I guess,” I responded, still none the wiser.

The Proposal

Cat, Jared, Eloise (our Border Collie/Kelpie Mix), and I ventured to a cliff that would give us the perfect view of the Eclipse. Unfortunately, it had a bunch of no trespassing signs so we climbed a different cliff that we thought was abandoned. It wasn’t. We had climbed into the backyard of a family watching the Eclipse.

We apologized, and thankfully they welcomed us to join. We took a majority of these pictures in their backyard!

Totality was approaching and we all stopped to look at it with our glasses. It was incredible. I could hear Cat’s excited yell and her camera shutter clicking rapidly.

“Karen, take a step back.” Jared said, gently steering me.

“No! Cat’s trying to take pictures!” I responded angrily. How dare he? I am modeling! I thought.

All of a sudden he was on his knee and I realized what he was trying to do. I won’t share what he said here because I think that is a private conversation between us, but he proposed very romantically! I am not a cryer, but I did shed a tear.

LOOPED Proposal.gif
Karen Khounthavong Favorites-0036.jpg

The Response

I said yes...with a caveat. I had long joked/sort of meant it when I had said that I wouldn’t accept his proposal if our house was not complete.

It isn’t. We are still in demo mode.

“I really want to say no because our house is not finished.” He laughed and placed the ring on my finger, hoping the shiny object would distract me.

It did. We had shopped for this ring earlier in the year, and it is as perfect as I could have ever imagined. Cat and I had to put it on a cactus. #desertwhimsy

The Next Steps

A few friends already knew that Jared would be proposing, but a few had yet to find out, so we kept it a secret. We announced the engagement to rest of the friends at our Annual Labor Day Weekend Nagashi Somen Party (seperate post later). Now we are sharing it with you!

Our engagement will be a long one because I would really like to finish our house before planning a wedding, but we’ll see how things go. Of course, I’ll blog our wedding journey updates because I would love to share my wedding with you all!

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Stay tuned for our Surprise Engagement Noodle Party post!
Have any wedding planning advice for me? Please comment below!



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