White Peach Rice Pudding Brulée

White Peach Rice Pudding Brulée

If you've been following Workkparty you know KK and I LOVE food. Fun fact; I wanted to be a pastry chef when I was younger. Even looked into a couple culinary schools. Now I just bake and cook for fun!

Today is…drum roll please, you guessed it National Rice Pudding Day! Another fun fact, I've never had rice pudding before this post. I grew up in Hawaii where we ate rice with every meal. To be honest the thought of rice being a soupy texture didn't sound appetizing. So cheers to trying something new! After this recipe I'm converted. It also helps I combined half of my favorite dessert (creme brulee) into this recipe!

I choose white peaches, since they are in season. You can substitute any fruit (or no fruit) of your choosing. I'm going to try mango's next time - when they're in season of course. TIP: using seasonal fruits and vegetables is more cost effective.

Let's get on with the creamy goodness, since I know that's really what you came for. This recipe needs only FOUR ingredients and takes about 60 minuets total. I decided to elevate this simple dessert with a fancy brulee, AND you don't need a blow torch to do it!


2 cups uncooked rice

1-1/4 cup evaporated milk

1/3 cup condensed milk

1 white peach (or fruit of choice)

Optional: Sugar for Bruleé

Step 1: Cook your rice. I used my mini 3 cup rice cooker; takes about 20 minuets.

Step 2: Transfer your cooked rice into a sauce pot. On medium heat add your evaporated milk and condensed milk to rice. Stirring occasionally for about 20 minuets or until mixture thickens. If your mixture is starting to stick to the bottom turn your heat down and continue to stir. While cooking your mixture dice your chosen fruit.

Step 3: Once mixture is thick (thicker than pudding), fold in your fruit dices. And spoon into serving dishes.

Step 4: Sprinkle sugar (about a tablespoon) so it covers the top of your puddings. Turn your oven on HI broil. I had our rack at the top. Set your dishes in the middle and let the sugar bubble! My dishes took about 20 minuets to get the hard shell like a creme brulee. Keep an eye on yours as different ovens run different temperatures.

Step 5: Top off with your diced (or sliced) fruit and serve.


This is one of the easiest desserts I've ever made. Which makes this dessert even better. BONUS: You can make it ahead of time. Make the pudding portion ahead of time, refrigerate and take out 15 minuets before adding the sugar to bruleé.

It's a great dessert that's juuuust right.

Sweet eats,


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