LOGO ONE - It's kind of like 3 from Round One. 


LOGO TWO - Neon Sign


Without further ado, this is round one of logos! There are 3 directions I think we could go in. Please let me know your thoughts through whichever social media you'd like and I hope you like any of it! Also note that some quality was lost for uploading purposes. 



I thought it would be a lot of fun to incorporate an animated logo like the above for Logo Three.
It certainly fits your brand energy. 


A Bit of Homework

We are going to move on to the website while I put the final touches on your logo! 
What I need from you is the following: 

  1. Write down the pages you want to have on your website. ie Home, About, Portfolio
  2. Write a one sentence goal for each page. What does it need to say or do?
  3. Think about how you want a visitor to move through the site. Create a site map or flow chart to show this journey. 
  4. Write your content! Like your about blurb. If it is easier let someone else, write it. Or wait until your logo is complete. Sometimes you can draw inspiration from there. Better yet, use what you said for my questionnaire. You gave brief, honest and brilliant answers. Let me know if you need a copy.

As always, you can reach out to me any time for clarification and idea generation.