Coffee Series No.1: The Pour-Over Method
tasting notes of a bean. Or what ratio of espresso, water, and milk their drink is. Even so, coffee coffee over no coffee. But being a PNW person, bad coffee is a rare occurrence. Fall is upon us and pretty large coffee city from Portland, a proclaimed coffee capital. "Coffee isn't hard. Each drink is a Pour Over Coffee Tutorial-19.jpg Coffee Series No.1: The Pour-Over Method "Everyone expects me to be a coffee expert." A friend said this to me recently. She moved to a coffee shouldn't be intimidating (covfefe is a different story). I would take coffee through an IV if that
Coffee Series No.2: The French Press Method
Coffee Series No.2: The French Press Method There is nothing like a hot cup of coffee on a crisp Autumn day. If you need a fast way to make as lucky or unlucky, our expresso machine died today and we had to make coffee in our french press coffee anyways. Thanks Cat for dropping by the Wedventure magazine! Makes enjoying a cup of coffee that coffee for a group, a large french press does the trick. It takes just 4 minutes to brew and is need 8 cup French Press brewer Grinder 56g (8 Tablespoons) of fresh coffee Hot water just off the
Coffee Series No. 3: Cold Brew Concentrate and (BONUS) Red Eye Manhattan
include the drink recipe below. This drink goes down real easy but first coffee! To make cold brew Coffee Series No. 3: Cold Brew Concentrate and (BONUS) Red Eye Manhattan my coffee order. Like I said Cold brew is one of my favorite methods. It’s so easy. Essentially, you just passing I was in a spooky mood. I found this awesome take on a manhattan that included coffee grind the beans and let it sit in water for 16 to 24 hours. The coffee comes out strong but a lot coffee called the Red Eye Manhattan. It can be found in the amazing book, Brew: Better Coffee At Home. I’ll
Out Of Office: A Quick Trip to Chicago
South Loop A great little place that serves pour over coffee. Maybe it’s my PNW roots but I am SERIOUSLY powered by coffee. I have been interested in different processes of making it and pour over paleo friendly options. Also lots of delicious non paleo options like deep fried pickles. HERO Coffee
Out of Office: Anniversary Camping Trip in Southern Oregon
, we were all full, happy and ready for a good night’s sleep. But first, coffee! Later in October , I’ll show you how to make french press coffee. It’s super helpful if you want to make fresh coffee , but instant coffee might be the better way to go if you don’t want to fuss with all this while camping
Out of the Office: Holy Matcha, San Diego
get me wrong: I’m a coffee addict for sure (check out these posts if you don’t believe me) but Japan and discovering the vibrant green tea. The fact that she can't drink coffee only fueled her
12 Days of Drinkmas: What’s that?!? PLUS How to Make a Bellini
am 100% certain that I am made up of 50% champagne, 20% coffee, 30% inappropriate gifs sent to my
Book corner- The $100 Startup
. Everything from selling coffee beans online, to a mattress store. Chris also talks about his own
Out of Office: Glamping in Oregon Wine Country + Happy Birthday TY!
be posted Pour over Coffee Tutorial Photoshoot. Any how, the morning was lovely! There were birds
Performance Review: Beat's Solo3 Wireless Headphones
the coffee shop. I decided to give the Beats a try. What are the features? The Beats Solo 3
KK's Cookbook Collection
Recipes for the Perfect Sauces, Marinades, and Seasonings by John Whalen III Brew: Better Coffee at
KK's Home Office: BEFORE
for the space, to place his coffee or other writing supplies on. Now for my workspace. Ugh is all I
5 Tips for Handling Holiday Stress
food. Oh and don't let us get started on the increase of coffee intake that spikes around Thanksgiving
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